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Raw materials are vital for the global economy.  Extraction, processing and cleaning are complex and costly activities that require reliable and efficient machines.

Dragflow has been involved in the design and manufacture of mining pumps and dredging equipment for more than 25 years.  Our equipment is used in process plants, tailing ponds, dam cleaning and dredge mining projects around the world.

This experience has driven continuous development to reach the best solutions for the mining industry.

In addition to submersible pumps for very heavy slurry, high head slurry pumps and dredges for wet mining and tailing ponds.  Dragflow constantly works to improve the latest state-of-the-art designs for complex pumping stations.

Dragflow builds equipment for mining:

  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Iron ore
  • Multi-metals
  • Zinc
  • Oil sands
  • Iodine
  • Coal
  • Nickel
  • Pond solutions
  • Tailings
  • Oil sands

Dragflow Dredges

  • Dredges with hoist (DRH Series)
  • Dredges with telescopic boom (DRT Series)
  • Ladder dredges with submersible pump (DRS Series)
  • Remote controlled dredges
  • Amphibious dredges
  • Booster stations

Advanced Control Panels

  • Touch Screen to analyse pump parameters and performance
  • USB/SD storage of parameters history
  • 3G / Network wireless connection to monitor pump operation and performance from remote locations

Power Packs (DP and EP series)

  • Engine: Diesel or Electric
  • Variable oil flow oil pumps


  • Sound proof canopy
  • Remote control
  • Container Style
  • Operator Cabin
  • Winches and Hoists

Electric Pumps (EL Series)

  • Power: from 5 to 200 Horse Power
  • Capacity: from 30 to 1000 m3/h
  • Head: from 5 to 75 m
  • Discharge distance: up to 1.200 m
  • Super Duty Pumps
  • High Head Slurry Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps (HY Series)

  • Power: from 24 to 400 Horse Power
  • Capacity: from 60 to 1200 m3/h
  • Head: from 5 to 65 m
  • Discharge distance: up to 1.300 m

Dredging Excavators (EXHY Series)

  • Power: from 11 to 30 Horse Power
  • Speed: from 30 to 50 rpm
  • Oil: 35 / 46 / 58/min
  • Pressure: 250 bar

High Depth Systems

  • Dredges with working depth up to 250m
  • Hydraulic driven spoolers
  • Oil House umbilical